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About Westfall's Texas Style Barbecue

   Like everything else in Texas, barbecue is the stuff of legends. Talking about barbecue is as much a Texas tradition as eating it. In Texas, barbecue is serious business.

   Texas barbecue generally uses no mops, sops, glops, bastes, or glazes, and is rub-centric; usually, the simpler the flavor profile of the rub recipe, the better.

   The classic Texas BBQ joint, has just recently begun to offer plates and utensils... and sauce... and even side dishes! Up until recently you went through the screen door to the meat carver's counter, told him in respectful tones what you wanted and how much, he'd pull it off of the expanded wire grate in a cloud of rich aromatic smoke, stroke the carving blade on the sharpening steel a few times, and start slicing. He'd cut until you said stop. Your selections were loaded onto a piece of brown butcher paper, weighed and paid for, and you sat down at a communal table with some white bread or saltine crackers, and that was it. Wheat bread?...forget it. No utensils, no sides, no sauce. To want any salt and pepper was considered an insult to the pitmaster's seasoning prowess, and to request sauce was an abomination! Add a Shiner or Lone Star beer, a Big Red or an RC Cola, a pickled jalapeƱo or two, and you had all that you needed to transport you straight to the gates of BBQ heaven.

   Today we've seen the modernization of the barbecue restaurant: some smokers now have thermostats, sauce has shown up in places where it shouldn't, side dishes are spreading like wildfire, and now, eating with the fingers is occasionally frowned upon, and, as we know propane and propane accessories are combining with real wood to make smoke these days... but the heart of the matter, that succulent meat, kissed by many hours of sweet smoke, lives on like it has for generations. God bless Texas, God bless Texas barbecue, and God bless the things that never change!

   Now you can experience this same Texas Style BBQ in Camden, SC at Westfall's Texas Style BBQ! We will give you the choice of sauces to add if you must, sides and utensils.